February 15, 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We have another group of Peacemakers in the school.    In January your children focused on the virtue of respect, which is seen as not only showing deference to our elders, but also to look at one another with acceptance.  Students felt that classmates were being respectful when they were following the Golden Rule.  Many of this month’s peacemakers were chosen because they include rather than exclude and strive to keep fairness in games and group activities.

We had some ‘senior citizens’ in our classrooms this week.  Yesterday was the 100th day of school and our primary classes celebrated in style.  They dressed for the occasion which included walkers and canes for many.  The pink sponge curlers made the day.  I’m dating myself, but my mom wore them to bed nightly.

The weather this year has been… erratic.   Please make sure the children come dressed appropriately.  Hoodies are not warm enough in this weather, and it has been in the low 30’s some days.

Keep those BOXTOPS coming in!! These are funds which we can use for materials for Science classes.  (Grade 7 will be dissecting their frogs within the next month.)

God bless!

Celie Magee