February 22, 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Thank you!  For our Souper Bowl of Caring your children brought in 225 cans of soup.   Thank you, dear parents, for helping your children to see the importance of assisting those who are struggling to support themselves. The Works of Mercy in action!!

Everyone who attended the MLK Afternoon of Service also were living mercy when they made a contribution to Connect by Night.  Your wonderful children made sandwiches and put them into brown paper bags with a bottle of water and some Hershey kisses. This is a homeless outreach at the Trinity Church, and they were most happy to pick up the sandwiches for distribution on Wednesday evening.  The second activity was through a group called Havertown/Delco rocks. Families have been painting rocks and hiding them all around Havertown and other parts of Delaware County to have other children find. You’re supposed to re-hide the rock you find or replace it with one that you painted yourself. It’s just meant to be a fun little activity to bring smiles to people! From what I understand this is a national activity.  Much thanks to Amy Bauer and a great group of moms for coordinating the activities.

We will have a Dress Down Day next Tuesday, February 28th.  Each student must bring in a dollar to participate.  These funds will be donated to Catholic Charities.  We will have additional dress down days also for Catholic Charities in March and April.

Gentle Reminder:  Terra Nova testing is scheduled for March 20 – 27th.  Please do not schedule any appointments or away time during these days.

Some Family Surveys for Title I Funding haven’t been returned.  This form was sent out in early February.  Thanks to the many parents who have completed it.  This information is kept confidential and only used to determine Federal funding for our school.

Enjoy these warming days!!

Celie Magee