March 1, 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As your children received their ashes today they were reminded to “turn away from sin and be faithful to the gospel.”  The teachers have been discussing that Lent is not only a time to fast, but also a time to add.  We are encouraging the students to fast – which could be from favorite foods and activities – this could (should?) include reducing the amount of computer games and online activities.  Students are also encouraged to add prayer to their Lenten journey such as a morning or evening time to reflect. Your children also were reminded that Lent is a time for giving, which at their age would likely be as acts of kindness and generosity.  Of course their first example of giving is watching you when you so generously support the regular food and clothing drives in the parish and school.

As you begin your Lenten journey, dear parents and guardians, I wish for you the space and silence needed to spend time with our Lord.  It is such a challenge to be able to move away from our busy lives to be able to contemplate, and I know that you are pulled in so many directions.  The parish is offering so many opportunities for us to renew or reinvigorate our faith lives.  These activities are all noted on line in the parish bulletin. Some of our moms are preparing a weekly faith-sharing meeting throughout Lent.  Please see the attached flyer for more information.  So I hope that you will be able to look at the choices available and find something to nourish the soul!

Lent Information


It’s Shamrock Shuffle time!!  I hope you have signed up and are ready to run.  Saturday promises to be brisk but sunny. Perfect running weather!  Get ready to push yourself as we have some strong runners in the 5K group.  The rest of us can move more leisurely in the family fun walk;-) See you on Saturday!

Doesn’t everyone enjoy a good Broadway show?  Well get ready, Broadway is coming to 109 N Manoa Road.  The production of Annie, Jr. is getting a lot of buzz about the singing, dancing, and incredibly entertaining performances.  Our performers are perfecting their characters and will be ready on March 30.  Make sure you get your tickets when they go on sale.

Happy Lent!

Celie Magee