The Drama Club

April 5, 2017

The Drama Club under the auspices of Colleen Whitlock, Carol Montagna, and Jenn Cleary presented Annie, Jr. on Friday, March 31st. It was an outstanding production!  Our sixth, seventh, and eighth graders sang, danced, and absolutely inhabited their characters.  It was a delight for the audience, who gave a standing ovation to our performers.  This year’s production was directed by Temple University student, Danny Murphy.  He guided our students in bringing their characters to life and allowing the students to develop their acting and singing talents.   Congratulations to our talented students, and if you haven’t seen them yet, enjoy the incredible pictures from Scott Reynolds

Summer Uniform

Summer Uniform time is here and the weather is cooperating.  Gentle reminder: boys must wear a belt in all seasons.  If they are still wearing shirts and ties, the shirt must have the top button buttoned – some of the boys seem to need a larger neck size.  Socks with the school uniform are black or white.  Both the golf shirt and the button down shirt must be tucked.  Girls’ kilts must be to the knee.  Hems may need to be lengthened.


Epi-pens were recently under review with specific lots identified as not functioning properly.  Our wonderful nursing staff has reviewed all of the epi-pens kept here in school.  Only one epi-pen was affected by the recall and that family has been notified.  Thanks to Lynn Capista and Chrissy Kuzmick for taking care of this!


SAVE THE DATE: Our Parish May Procession is Wednesday, May 31st.  ALL students are expected to be present for this celebration of our Blessed Mother.  Children in non-Sacramental years should come in their uniforms.   Grade 2 should be in their First Communion attire and Grade 6 should wear their Confirmation Robes.  We ask all 8th graders to come in their graduation robes.  Each child should have a rosary.  The students will process over to Church.  This is a Parish celebration as it includes the seniors of our Parish who actually crown Mary.   I hope that you will join us, as well!

God Bless!

Celie Magee