HASA 2017 Committees

2017 Committee

There are various Home and School committees here at Sacred Heart. Hopefully, you will be able to sign up to help with some of our great activities and fundraisers. We thought it would be helpful to have a brief description and contact people for each of these committees.

Hot Lunch

Tricia Bell
email: ridley428@verizon.net

  • Assist in serving hot lunches during the lunch periods on select Fridays throughout the school year.

Thrift Shop

Kathy Mariotti
email: mkmejp@msn.com

  • Help accept donations of gently used school and gym uniforms and sell items in Everett Hall once a month for a few hours.

Ladies’ Night

Leigh Anne McCabe
email: leighannemccabe@comcast.net

  • Assist with the planning, set-up, and the day of the event and also help coordinate the Linvilla pie sale. Ladies’ Night is scheduled for Friday, 11/17

Secret Santa Shop

Teresa Wimmer
email: wimmer408@yahoo.com

  • One of the best events at SHS! Students buy Christmas presents for their friends and family, visit with Santa, make a class craft, and take part in raffles. Help with crafts ahead of time and volunteer on the day of the event, Thursday, 12/7.

Night at the Races H&S/CYO Fundraiser/Social – Saturday, 2/3/18

Spirit Wear

Denise Hopkins
email: neesieq@comcast.net

Melissa McCormick
email: melissanjoemc@verizon.net

  • Get the word out and help with ordering SHS gear.

Fun Money

Carolyn Jones
email: carsakabs@aol.com

LeighAnne McCabe
email: leighannemccabe@comcast.net


Amy Bauer
email: crawfordbauer1416@gmail.com

Jenn Keenan
email: fly1043@msn.com

Scrip/Fun Money Scheduling

LeighAnne McCabe
email: leighannemccabe@comcast.net

  • Help get funds for SH Home & School and for your tuition payments too. It’s a win-win! Need info on how the program works? Contact Amy, Jenn, Carolyn, or LeighAnne. If you would like to volunteer to sell on a Sunday, contact LeighAnne or go to this Sign Up Genius link to volunteer to sell in the fall/winter on Sundays.
  • http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0a49a8ac28ab9-sacred

Social Committee

Trunk or Treat – Friday, 10/27

Katie Browne

Colleen Whitlock

Mother/Son Bowling – Sunday, 11/12

Katie Browne and Colleen Whitlock

Movie Night – Friday, 6/1

Kendra Locurcio
email: kendramoran@yahoo.com

Mary Ann Klein
email: htownkleins@gmail.com

Great Guy Dance – Friday, 2/10

Marie Witman
email: marie.witman@villanova.edu

Mother/Daughter and Father/Son activities in the works for this year!

  • The success of the above events is only possible with your help! Please contact any of the people listed above if you would like to volunteer.
    • Trunk or Treat: Friday, 10/27
    • Mother/Son Bowling: Sunday, 11/12
    • Great Guy Dance: Friday, 2/10
    • Movie Night: Friday, 6/1

Shamrock Shuffle

Joe Rastatter
email: j.rastatter@yahoo.com
Kathy Mariotti
email: mkmejp@msn.com

  • One of Home & School’s biggest fundraisers of the year! LOTS of help is needed preparing for this event and on the day of the 5K scheduled for Saturday, 3/3. Planning meetings begin in early January and continue until March.

Drama Club

Colleen Whitlock
email: haveahound@gmail.com

Carol Montagna
email: themontagnas@yahoo.com

  • Help is needed December through April with costumes, set design and chaperoning practices. Assistance with ticket sales, concessions, and last minute necessities would be greatly appreciated on show night!


Elena Jones
email: elenamj@comcast.net

MaryAnn Klein
email: htownkleins@gmail.com

  • Help coordinate snacks/drinks for events like Open House.


Steve Klein
email: steve@dakota-diesel.com

Joe Rastatter
email: j.rastatter@yahoo.com

  • Spread the word about the exciting things happening at Sacred Heart School!


Jess Reick
email: jessreick@gmail.com

  • Create ways to generate funds for SHS.

School Holiday Activities

  • We are looking for a small group of volunteers to coordinate activities such as a pumpkin weight guessing contest and a jelly bean guessing contest for the students and faculty.

School Newspaper

Colleen Murphy
email: colleenmcmurphy1121@comcast.net

  • The school newspaper is making a come back this year and we need parents to help the students publish it throughout the year.