Sacred Heart School has been a long-standing tradition in Manoa, providing a strong spiritual and academic education to the neighborhood children for the past 85 years. Our purpose is to lead our students to see that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life amidst a challenging academic program. This nature or spirit impels the school community, nourished by Word and Sacrament, to continue to grow in the likeness of Christ while searching assiduously for Truth.  Sacred Heart School is open to students from pre-school through eighth grade. Our curriculum is directed by the Common Core State Standards in ELA and Mathematics, Next Generation Science Standards, and the guidelines of the Archdiocesan Office of Catholic Education. Curriculum is enhanced by using religious and academic instructional guides authorized and distributed by the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We strive to prepare our students from a Christ-centered perspective with a solid foundation in their academic pursuits. We believe that this combination will prepare our students to make their way successfully in this world.The staff at Sacred Heart demonstrates a caring and supportive environment that provides a family-like structure uniting the whole student body. The teachers operate in friendship, cooperation, and constant support. It is realized that they are demonstrating for the students how they (the students) are expected to interact with one another. Recognizing that school and home must work together in support of our children, there is a constant open line of communication between parents and teachers. Weekly communications, parent/teacher conferences, and strong support from the Home and School Association evidence this. We offer a wide selection of extra-curricular activities thus allowing multiple intelligences to shine. These activities include: sports, speech and drama, choir, hand bell choir, and dance, as well as, a strong tradition of service in the parish.

Permeating the general studies are the tenets of our faith. Based on our religious foundations we are able to incorporate Christian ideals regarding character and values throughout the curriculum. Teaching techniques are geared toward developing the whole child in a challenging and stimulating atmosphere. Instruction throughout all grades is both content-based and process-oriented. Primary grades emphasize the teaching of the basic skills that establish the necessary academic foundation in a creative and loving environment. Building on this necessary foundation established in the lower grades, middle and upper grades offer a constructivist approach to learning. While continuing to develop basic skills, the upper grades place greater emphasis on critical thinking and inference skills thus challenging the students to work with material at the highest levels on Bloom’s Taxonomy and Webb’s Depth of Knowledge; that is, through analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. Sacred Heart maintains a strong commitment to technology. Computer use is integrated throughout curriculum areas. As they work on projects, students confidently complete research on the Internet, download data, scan illustrations, utilize a wide variety of software, publish their writings, as well as create PowerPoint Presentations. As a school of the 21st Century, we prepare our students’ minds, hearts and hands to live wisely in a technologically complex and interdependent world.

Believing that every child can learn, the faculty is most receptive to the special needs child. Students with special needs receive the support of an Instructional Support Team and Intermediate Unit Staff. The special needs child is identified and referred to the Instructional Support Team. This team comprised of the principal, faculty members, and Intermediate Unit Staff, along with the child’s parents and teacher, collaborate to form a plan geared toward helping that child succeed. Each child’s needs will determine the course of action. Necessary to a successful outcome of this course of action are continued parental involvement, teacher observation and evaluation, and regular communication between home and school. Students who have received the designated evaluation are eligible to have the curriculum modified and grading adapted (Policy N.: CIA 610).

The teaching staff of Sacred Heart School dedicate themselves to the following principles:

  • Recognize each student as an individual loved by God, blessed with gifts, talents, and abilities which will enable him/her to develop to a designed potential.
  • Seek to form in each student a concern and respect for each other and for all God’s people as brothers and sisters in the Lord.
  • Recognize the need for discipline, especially until the time when each student has grown to self-awareness, self-discipline, and self-direction.
  • Seek to maintain consistently and continuously a high quality of education in every area; and thus will make every effort to motivate and challenge all students to develop skills and understanding to reach their maximum intellectual ability.
  • Teach our students Christ’s truths and virtues so that they may experience the fullness of life here on earth and in eternity.