Our Middle States Self-Study is now a living document.

Over the two years, our Religion Plan will focus on understanding the Ten Commandments and the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy and guiding students to strive to live by these tenets.  As you would expect, a key component of a Catholic education is to nurture the faith life of our students, and to help them reach their fullest spiritual potential by learning, internalizing, reflecting, and applying the teachings of the Ten Commandments and the Works of Mercy.

Our Middle States Strategic Plans have also been incorporated into our curriculum.  Students have more opportunities to think critically and analytically about their reading, both fiction and non-fiction.  They are writing in response to various prompts.  Our goal is to prepare our 21st century learners to be faithful and global citizens.  Faculty meet both formally and informally to create and/or update cross-curricular units which incorporate expository and opinion/argument writing pieces.  They are working this year to create and standardize rubrics for assessment.  Our goal is to have student friendly rubrics, which the students will also eventually use for self-reflection.  We will be evaluating and assessing many rubrics and plan to have at least one common rubric per grade band (primary, intermediate, and middle school) for each type of writing.

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