2017-2018 Sacred Heart School CARES Guidelines

Children will meet in the Art Room after school. Their dismissal line is the last line called. There is a $25.00 application fee per family.

Important Documents

CARES 2017-2018 Application


CARES Emergency Form



2:45PM to 6:00 PM—-At pick up please go to the back door (WCP side) to be buzzed into the school building. CARES is located on the first floor in the Art Room. You will be required to sign the children out so there is no discrepancy about the time the child was picked up. If the parent or guardian cannot pick up the child, please send a note that morning indicating who will pick up the child. Staff members are employed until 6:00 PM or until the last child is picked up. Please respect the time of closure. A fee of $10.00 will be assessed for pickups after 6:00 PM.


We will provide a snack and juice.


A scheduled homework period will be provided after snack. It is the children’s responsibility to have his/her assignments or books. Children may not go back to their homerooms to get their items. Parents are responsible for checking the child’s homework before he/she returns to school the following day.


Daily (per child)

Pick-up 2:45-4:30 PM……………..…………………..$15.00

Pick-up 4:30-6:00 PM………………………………….$20.00

Daily (2 or more children)

Pick-up 2:45-4:30 PM……………..…………………..$20.00
Pick-up 4:30-6:00 PM…………..……………………..$25.00

Any time AFTER 6:00 PM is late and a $10.00 fee will be billed.


Families are billed monthly. Fees are to be paid upon receipt. A fee will be charged for returned checks.


Proper behavior is expected and the Director will inform the parents individually if a problem should occur.

Special Provisions and Procedures for CARES


We do understand that parents/guardians will have circumstances that prevent them from making the 6:00 PM pick up time. The parent/guardian will be required to call the school in a reasonable time to inform the staff they will be late. The school phone number is 610-446-9198.

Anytime past 6:00 PM is late and a $10.00 fee will be billed. We ask that        you please respect the closure time on a regular basis. 


The program provides as much time as possible for both indoor and outdoor play. Please be sure your child has the necessary clothes for cold weather. We will attempt to get outside as often as possible. Children are welcome to bring a change of clothes for play time. Please mark all clothing with the child’s name.


Homework will begin at approximately 4:00 PM and last about 45 minutes. If you prefer your child not do homework at CARES please supply them with review work or reading material. All children with the exception of Pre-K and K will be required to complete their homework. Homework is quiet time.

*Parents are responsible for checking their child’s homework before they return to school.


As members of a caring community, the children will be expected to respect the staff, each other, and the materials and environment provided. They must never leave the building or grounds without explicit permission of the CARES staff.


With the children’s safety and well-being in mind, it is important that parents fill out and return all CARES paperwork promptly. The most important regulations concern the child’s leaving the premises of the CARES program.

  • Parents or guardians should not take the children from the school yard or other areas without notifying the CARES staff and signing out the child.
  • Parents or guardians should not send persons whose signatures are not on the emergency card to ask for the release of the children. For the child’s safety, the release will not be granted.
  • Parents or guardians should send a note into school to notify the CARES director of any change in pick up.
  • If you wish your child to participate in after school activities, please notify the CARES staff in writing. We need an authorized parent to sign the child(ren) out (coach or parent of teammate). Permission may be given in writing for a member of the CARES staff to walk the child to their after school activity (within the school building only) if no other arrangements can be made.

Illness or Accident:                 

In cases which appear to be minor in nature, first aid will be administered on the premises.

Medication will not be administered by mouth unless both a written statement from a physician detailing the method, amount and time schedule AND a written statement from the parent authorizing the staff to assist the child in taking such medication are on file.

In cases which appear serious, the staff will make as effort to carry out the instructions as given on the Emergency Form. Parents who do not wish their child treated in any way should indicate such on the Emergency Form and should give directions to be followed in the space “Special Instructions.”

If the home does not supply adequate emergency instructions, or if the instructions given cannot be followed at the time of the emergency, CARES staff will act according to their best judgement for the welfare of the child.

School Closings:

CARES will be closed on school days off and half days. If school is dismissed   due to inclement weather, CARES will be closed.


Kristine Donaher and Melissa McCormick